Negative campaign?

Posted: Thursday, October 17, 2002

I've known Annette Kreitzer for two years and have never known her to be dishonest, but her letter in support of Cathy Muñoz was as deceptive as any I've seen. She claims Sen. Elton only deserves credit for a minuscule amount of the capital funding Juneau got this year, saying he didn't sit in on Finance Committee meetings or send staff.

But Kim did send staff to meet with Finance staffers on several occasions, including sitting in on key meetings. He didn't go in person because, as Annette well knows, most decisions are made before new versions of a bill or budget are drafted, and very few amendments are made at the table. Sen. Elton had spoken personally with key senators well in advance of committee meetings, and as a result, Juneau's infrastructure needs are getting a lot of much-needed attention this year. He was highly effective for Juneau and Southeast.

How do I know all this? I was on Sen. Elton's staff the last two sessions, and I was there. I attended Finance meetings and tracked the progress Sen. Elton made, working hand-in-hand with other Juneau legislators (full disclosure: I now work on his campaign). Capitol staffers don't usually write letters to the paper, but Juneau voters deserve better than Ms. Kreitzer's deliberate deception. I only hope this doesn't mark the beginning of a negative campaign by Cathy Muñoz' supporters.

Jesse Kiehl


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