Who's going to want Kmart building?

Letter to the editor

Posted: Friday, October 17, 2003

Does anyone not remember the story in last week's edition of the Juneau Empire? The story was about the concern over the five windows that were broken again at Juneau-Douglas High School and as taxpayers why we should keep paying for such destruction of private property. When we wait to get on the Juneau transit bus system and you are waiting in one of those bus holds, do you ever notice "Native Pride" and "Jimmy loves Debbie" carved into the seats and plastic windows that keeps us all protected from the rain and sleet? Not long ago Kmart windows were broken out, due to vandalism. I am getting a frown on my face, meaning that when I do have a little extra spending money that my children have to look the same as everyone else because there are such limited places to shop.

Just think if you were looking at a place to build your life's work and there was this big building with all this parking space. Just the ideal place. Then you see it. Windows all broken out of it. Spray paint. Think maybe that is what other big outlets are looking at, too? Location and community - and this is what we are saying to them: We vandalize here!

Jessica Quick


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