Friends recall bear attack victim's passion

Posted: Friday, October 17, 2003

VALPARAISO, Ind. - Family and friends of a California woman who was killed by a bear last week remembered her Wednesday as someone who was happiest while living in the Alaska wilderness.

Dozens of people spoke at First United Methodist Church, recalling with tears the stories Amie Huguenard had told about her travels with her boyfriend, Timothy Treadwell. Huguenard and Treadwell were found dead Oct. 6 after a bear attack on the Alaska Peninsula.

Photographs showed Huguenard whitewater rafting and hiking, even as a young girl. One picture of a grizzly bear standing in a stream was labeled "Downey, Amie's favorite bear."

One mourner remembered Huguenard's stories of a bear approaching her while she showered in a waterfall, its curiosity peaked by the scent of shampoo.

Marilyn Huguenard, read from a letter she said her daughter had written to Treadwell in 1996. "I, too, am someone who is intensely passionate about the grizzly and deeply, deeply concerned with the preservation of their environment," the letter said. "I admire those with the conviction to pack it all in and live according to their convictions."

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