Muñoz knows Juneau's economy

Posted: Friday, October 17, 2008

It remains to be seen how the current economic situation will affect our local travel industry, but it is most likely causing many to be concerned. That is why I support Cathy Muñoz for the state Legislature, House District 4.

Muñoz has demonstrated a common sense approach and clear understanding of the relationship between the visitor industry and Juneau, and how best to get the most for our community.

As a Juneau Assembly member, Muñoz helped craft the formula that allowed a portion of our local passenger ship head tax be made available to the general fund. Those funds help reduce property taxes for all.

As a board member of the Downtown Business Association, she led an effort to successfully renovate Marine Park, expanding park and staging areas for the Alaska Steamship dock. She also helped create and chair the city Trails Working Group, identifying recreational areas available for tourism and putting aside other areas for noncommercial use.

Muñoz has the experience and ability to work toward the right balance between the needs of Juneau and the visitor industry - as a former Assembly member, current small business owner and lifelong Juneau resident. Muñoz has been involved with important decisions in our community for many years. Her working knowledge of tourism in our community, as well as Alaska, will prove to be an essential quality in the Legislature as our community faces the challenges ahead regarding the visitor industry.

Cynthia J. Johnson


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