Posted: Friday, October 17, 2008

Age: 12.

Grade: Seventh.

School: Floyd Dryden Middle School.

Art of choice: Percussion.

Experience: Two years.

Reason: "I really wanted to do percussion ... because I like to hit things with sticks. I like being the only girl in my section because it makes me feel different and unique."

All in the family: "My sister, Chrystalina, was a piano performance major in college."

Favorite artists: "I like Hellogoodbye and my sister Chrystalina's piano music. I love Stephenie Meyer's books (Twilight, Newmoon, Eclipse, Breaking Dawn, Host)."

Future plans: "I would like to continue percussion, but I don't believe I will continue professionally. I would like to write, and actually publish my work. I would like to be a novelist."

Activites: "I am involved in science Olympiad, and I might start drama.

You should know: "I am related to the Quiluetes. (Hee hee! Team Jacob!) I am half Pakistani. My heroes are Chrystalina Louise Roberts, and Stephen Tibbs."

Her band teacher, Michael Bucy, says: "Adriana shows great commitment and promise as a musician. She plays percussion in the seventh-grade band and does so with passion and skill. Besides diligent practice, Adriana has organized a small ensemble with some other band students, she is quick to listen and learn.

"Adriana cares about how things are. The amount of crescendo, the timing, the style, the rhythm, the notes, the phrasing are all issues that she is concerned with. Playing percussion requires the ability to play a lot of different instruments, know when to play them and keep everything organized.

"Adriana's focus and attention to detail will allow her to succeed and express herself in the musical arts as long as she wishes to pursue them. She plays the bells well but I think her favorite percussion instrument is the timpani - she describes the sound as "pow, pow, pow!"

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