Thanks for helping us remember my mom

Posted: Friday, October 17, 2008

My mother passed away on Sept. 16 and, per her wishes, we mourned. Then we celebrated her life this past Tuesday, Oct. 14. I am indebted to many for the success of that celebration:

Foodland's wonderful party platters; the scrumptious veggies and dips from Silverbow; the beautiful and delicious rolls from Seong's - and the special side dish of unagi! - mom's dear friend, Nancy Weaver, for the lovely cake, and to Patty and Mary for the special memories they shared; her former bridge partners, Doreen Merrell, Marylou Meiners, LaVerne Bruce, and Jean Overstreet, who shared the great story about going with her to the Emergency Room one evening and playing cards with her until my dad showed up; Michael Kirk for remembering the harrowing adventure up Taku River many years ago; Jack Helle, for sharing stories about Mom's editing of many scientific papers at the Auke Bay Laboratory, prior to their publication; That Old (Basin Road) Gang of Mine, because she was one of "the Moms", and they remembered her well; Bill Buonamassa, my brother, my friend; Barb and Tim Whiting, Sally Slater, Mike Stark and MJ Grande, Carol and Tony Barril, Mike Young, Mark Boesser, Milo Wooldridge, Mary Miller, Marianne Mills, Mo Longworth, Gert and Paul Gulyas; Care-A-Van for transporting my son, Curtis, to and from the party; Terry Davidson for getting him "spiffed up" and ready; Kristina Peterson for accompanying him; Amber, a favorite caregiver. And thank you to the many people who sent cards and letters, sharing favorite remembrances of Mom.

All "my girls," my wife, Mary Diven, my daughter, Rose Wysocki and her daughters, Katelyn and Sydney. You are my rock, my anchor, the wind beneath my wings.

Special thanks are due to my nephews, Scott and David, who found time in their busy lives to travel from Portland and Seattle for the celebration; to David's girlfriend, Tela, for coming up to help.

Lastly, and perhaps most specially, thanks to my cousins, the Kasnicks, Wilsons, and Dillons, for giving so generously of their time, their love, and their business, the Island Pub; Trent Wilson for the slide show. Without your support, I could not have fulfilled mom's final wishes.

My apologies to those I may have overlooked, but know that you are in my heart and are a part of my life as you were a part of mom's.

Michael Fleischhauer


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