It's grouse that go boom in the night

Letters to the editor

Posted: Wednesday, October 18, 2000

In response to Erica Schenkers letter concerning the loud boom-boom "music" she hears late at night, I must say I'm surprised to learn that her father, Bob, being the veteran grouse hunter I know him to be, did not explain this phenomenon of nature rather than waste his breath indulging in phone fantasies with the police.

You see, Erica, in an effort to win the affections of the young ladies the males will actually puff themselves up with hot air and then, parading around in their finest, they draw attention to themselves by emitting these loud boom-boom noises. Of course one has to wonder: does it work? Well, they must enjoy at least partial success because like the old hooters they imitate they've kept their traditional boom-booming now year after year.

Unfortunately, unlike their spruce dwelling counter parts there is no open season on these dodo birds but forget about writing the Empire and instead write to our state and federal representatives. Together we can rectify this deficiency in the law. Then, providing we can talk the bears out of the garbage and into dining on this new delicacy, perhaps we can knock down the proverbial two birds with one stone. Sweet dreams!

Bob Croteau Jr.


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