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Posted: Wednesday, October 18, 2000

Have any big plans for Nov. 7? How about planning to stop by your local polling place? Why not plan on casting a vote that, cumulatively, will positively impact the quality of life of all Alaskans?

Greg Middag has developed the best plans for our future. As an educator, he knows the need for quality plans. As a state senator (with your help), he will address our needs. We believe the results will be positive and significant for our family and yours.

Needs in education have been grossly neglected. School funding has steadily decreased, while legislative salaries and expenses have increased. Greg believes that funding education is an investment in the future. Don't you? He believes that we must increase education funding, provide education that guarantees our students can compete in post-secondary education and the workplace, and stop passing the cost of education on to local school districts and taxpayers.

Family issues, forever married to those of education, also deserve greater attention and action. Greg believes that we must invest in appropriate day care for children of working families, protect a woman's right to reproductive choice, and invest in family shelters and services, while also preventing domestic violence.

Vote Greg Middag for Senate Seat A on Nov. 7. Encourage others to do the same. Expect a brighter future for us all.

Bruce Hagstrom


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