"Notch" victims

Letter to the editor

Posted: Tuesday, October 18, 2005

I am writing to encourage fellow notch victims of the Social Security Administration to take a few minutes to contact our congressional delegation and ask for their aid in bringing about a fair and equitable solution to the discrimination we have suffered over our retirement years. I receive approximately $3,000 less per year than other Social Security retirees simply because I was born in a year deemed by some bureaucrat as a notch year.

I am a veteran of World War II and faithfully paid into Social Security for close to 45 years. Simply because I was born between 1917 and 1926 I have been receiving reduced Social Security benefits. This is discriminatory and very unfair.

I have waited for Congress to rectify this situation but obviously more pressure is required. One group in Washington D.C. has suggested a one-time payout of $5,000 to each notch victim.

I encourage notch victims to contact Don Young, Ted Stevens and Lisa Murkowski and request that they support this effort. Maybe we can see some action taken while we are still alive to benefit from it.

Robert Stutte


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