Clinton bashing seems to be alive

Letter to the editor

Posted: Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Back in the mid-1990s, I was in a coin-operated laundry in Hoonah one day when a guy walked in and began expounding on a startling theory: Bill Clinton was responsible for the Iran-Contra affair.

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Yeah! From Little Rock, Arkansas, during the Reagan-Bush years, according to him, Clinton personally ran the dirty deal that supplied weapons to Iran, with weapons and money from that, as well as the large-scale sales of cocaine, going to fund a violent insurgent group (terrorists) in Nicaragua, the Contras.

I would still be laughing, but the same old Reagan-era hacks are still in power - Dick Cheney, Don Rumsfeld and even John Poindexter - and they're still blaming Bill Clinton for their policy failures.

I think they're jealous. For all his many faults, Clinton was a smart, well spoken, savvy politician, and when you examine his policies while in office the conclusion is inescapable: He was a great Republican president.

The Republican machine is really remarkable: It'll go to great lengths to trash John McCain in the 2000 primaries, but then he gets up and has the nerve to blame Clinton for Bush's blunders in North Korea! Let's not forget this when it's McCain in our face in 2008 as one of the lessers of two evils.

That's what the Elephants-in-the-room have really brought to the political discourse in this country. The sort of Machiavellian win-at-all-costs, cut-throat tactics, which obviously appeals to far too many of us.

I would challenge these so-called patriots to actually read the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence and ask themselves what these documents really mean, while George Bush rides the American military around like a kid who stole his daddy's gun!

But it's good to know that the refined art of Clinton-bashing is alive and well. Heck, we've got one of the Starrs of that show working for our school district right now, trying to limit free speech in our schools.

When this small gang of neo-cons are finally held accountable for their clumsiness and greed, I'm sure they'll go down yelling that it was Clinton's fault. More power to them.

Jamison Paul


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