Railbelt Conference All-conference team

Posted: Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Railbelt Conference All-conference team

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First Team Offense

Quarterback-Teddy Babcock, Colony

Running Back-Chebon Jimenez, Colony

Running Back-Dustin Baxter, West Valley

Wide Receiver-Andy Musgrove, West Valley

Wide Receiver-Tanner Grover, Palmer

Fullback-Kevin Kornack, North Pole

Tight End-Geroge Percak-Dennett, Colony

Offensive Tackle-Wade Bowen, Colony

Offensive Tackle-Everest Moore, Palmer

Offensive Guard-Max Collins, North Pole

Offensive Guard-Kris Dixon, Lathrop

Center-Chris Hollett, North Pole

First Team Defense

Defensive End-George Percak-Dennett, Colony

Defensive End-Duane Folger, Lathrop

Interior Lineman-Justin Beauchamp, Colony

Interior Lineman-James Savage, Colony

Interior Lineman-Donovan Wilson, Juneau

Interior Lineman-Kevin Kornack, North Pole

Inside Linebacker-Chebon Jimenez, Colony

Inside Linebacker-Garrett Jackson, West Valley

Outside Linebacker-Nathan Kowalczk, Colony

Outside Linebacker-Jeremy Fulk, West Valley

Defensive Back-Ryan Coffman, Colony

Defensive Back-Kaanan Bausler, Juneau

Defensive Back-Tanner Grover, Palmer

Defensive Back-Robin Minoza, Colony

First Team Special Teams

Kicker-Vladamir Dahl, Wasilla

Punter-Dominic Smith, Juneau

Kick Returner-Jeff Champion, Wasilla

Long Snapper-Ian Heindel, Palmer

Second Team Offense

Quarterback-Chris Hinkley, Juneau

Running Back-Kenny Lewis, Lathrop

Running Back-Todd McCormick, North Pole

Running Back-Carlo Ebron, Juneau

Wide Receiver-Alex Fagerstron, Juneau

Wide Receiver-Ryan Coffman, Colony

Fullback-Mitchell Flores, Lathrop

Tight End-Duane Folger, Lathrop

Offensive Tackle-Kelly Devon, Palmer

Offensive Tackle-Zach Starbard, Juneau

Offensive Guard-Jerry Johnson, Colony

Offensive Guard-Justin Beauchamp, Colony

Center-James Savage, Colony

Second Team Defense

Defensive End-AJ Schriack, Wasill

Defensive End-Nathan Svedin, Palmer

Interior Lineman-AJ Ross, Lathrop

Interior Lineman-Cody Crutcher, North Pole

Interior Lineman-Kelly Devon, Palmer

Interior Lineman-Rick Manrique, Palmer

Inside Linebacker-Alex Robinson, Juneau

Inside Linebacker-Shannon Sawyer, Palmer

Outside Linebacker-Zach Orr, Wasilla

Outside Linebacker-Greg Andrews, Colony

Defensive Back-Jeremiah Collins, Wasilla

Defensive Back-Eric Gustafson, North Pole

Defensive Back-Tom Eller, Palmer

Defensive Back-Regis Price, Colony

Second Team Special Teams

Kicker-Amy Wineland, West Valley

Punter-Adam Davis, Palmer

Kick Returner-Carlo Ebron, Juneau

Long Snapper-James Savage, Colony


Lineman of the Year-Justin Beauchamp, Colony

Utility Player of the Year-Ricky Culver, North Pole

Offensive Player of the Year-Chebon Jimenez, Colony

Defensive Player of the Year-George Percak-Dennett, Colony

Assistant Coach of the Year-Brad Hanson, Palmer

Head Coach of the Year-Jamie Mayo, Colony

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