Thanks for rescuing out kitty from a tree

Posted: Sunday, October 18, 2009

Latte, our beloved kitty, had been way up an alder tree for two days and nights when our friends and neighbors Bill and Etsuko Beebe saw an Alaska Electric Light & Power crew working just around the corner and asked if they could help rescue Latte with their cheery picker.

Scott and Evan were just on their way down the hill and both quickly agreed to help. In less than five minutes, Scott rose up in the bucket, plucked Latte from the tree and had her safely down. We know their act of kindness saved Latte from serious injury. We are fortunate indeed that such fine and caring men are part of our community.

We woud like to express our thanks and gratitude to Scott and Evan, of AEL&P, and all our neighbors, friends and family who were so concerned and supportive with good thoughts and prayers. We love that kitty.

Barbra Harju, Latte's first family

Pamela and David Bergeson, Latte's second family


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