Effective? No way

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Posted: Thursday, October 19, 2000

I read with some interest Alexander Dolitsky's recent letter to the editor in support of Beth Kerttula's reelection in House District 3. From what I can tell, Ms. Kerttula is a nice enough person, but to term her an "effective legislator" requires either complete ignorance or an overactive imagination.

A recent articles in the Empire pointing to a continuing capital move by attrition is proof of this. Not only are commissioners increasingly maintaining residence away from Juneau, but state positions remain unfilled and departments are slowly but steadily transferring staff to Anchorage.

In the last legislative session, Juneau received the fewest dollars per registered voter of any region in Alaska. In fact, as far as I can tell, Rep. Kerttula brought no state support to District 3. Only the near-heroic efforts of Rep. Hudson allowed Juneau some help in the form of funds for renovations at Floyd Dryden and a new classroom building at UAS.

Effective? No way. Juneau needs two members fighting for its interests in the House Majority Caucus, and that's why I'm supporting Mike Race for the District 3 seat on Nov. 7.

Mike Mauseth


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