In the Stacks: DVD and video titles pop up at the library

Posted: Sunday, October 19, 2003

A little fun, a little education - our non-fiction videos and DVDs have something for everyone.

"Inside Islam" is a look at the second-largest religion in the world. Though one of the interpretations of its name means "peace," to many in the West it has come to signify terror. Many challenges face Islam today, including deep divisions between sects, co-option by extremists and a lack of clear authority. Experts explain what the Qu'ran says about various issues, including violence and war. (DVD)

"Children Underground" introduces us to a "family" of homeless children living on the streets of Bucharest, living on what they can beg or steal or, occasionally, earn. Their situation is grim: They cannot go to school or even get help from what social services exist without their parents' permission, and most of their parents won't acknowledge their existence - even to get rid of them. This film doesn't encourage the illusion of a happy ending, but, as one reviewer noted, at least the subject is being addressed. (DVD)

"The Art of Exotic Dancing" is here in plenty of time for you to brush up for Valentine's Day. Learn how to walk the walk, roll your hips (four different ways), do a striptease and improve the non-verbal communication between you and your partner. Taught by an experienced instructor and demonstrated by a class full of real-world women, this may be just the thing to give you a bit more confidence and try something new. (video)

Pilates video series: "Pilates Basics," "Pilates Intermediate" and "Pilates Advanced." These three new videos teach the Pilates method for strengthening and toning your body, focusing on the core muscles in your torso and abdomen. Start with "Basics" to learn the 10 basic exercises in the method, then ease into the intermediate level and learn 24 new moves. When you're ready and need a new challenge, graduate to the advanced tape and learn more than 40 new exercises. All three tapes offer modifications to the exercises demonstrated for those who need them. (video)

Guided Imagery series: "Preparing Mentally and Emotionally for Cancer Chemotherapy," "...for Cancer Radiation," "...for Cancer Surgery" and "...for Cancer Recovery." This four-pack of videos is based on the idea that we can help our bodies heal through mental pictures that act as cues. Designed to be used specifically for cancer patients, each tape can be used to get you ready for your treatment and help you through the aftermath. Tapes include: guided relaxation, 10 guided imagery segments, soothing music, calm images, verbal and text guidance, instructions on using the program and the whys and hows behind guided imagery and guided relaxation. (video)

Ready to spiff up your walls? "Fabulous Faux Finishes" introduces three of the most popular paint effects: parchment glazing, stretched silk, and French brushing. Each of these effects is shown step by step with plenty of instructions and tips. Follow along and create your own elegant or fanciful home. (video)

"Homeopathy: Mystery of Healing" explains the theory and practice behind the age-old idea that by giving your body small amounts of natural substances, you can encourage its natural defenses. Modern medicine is just beginning to explore the claims that homeopaths have made for years and is finding out that, indeed, alternative medicine has proven to be effective and safe in a wide range of non-life-threatening conditions. (video)

"Trekkies." Wonder what all the fuss is about? See dentists drill in costume. Watch interviews with fans and actors of the Star Trek universe. Thrill to the sight of ordinary people who look just like series' characters. Follow the name debate (Trekkies vs. Trekkers) with bated breath! Filmed at conventions all over the country, this film shows the best (and worst) of fandom. (video)

"On the Road with Jack Kerouac." Rare documentary footage is combined with interviews with Kerouac's contemporaries to form a biography of the Beat poet. Though only 49 when he died, Kerouac was one of America's literary treasures. His writing influenced a generation and inspired change in social and cultural arenas. (video)

• If you'd like to place a hold on any of these titles, call the Juneau Public Library at 586-5249. If you have Internet access, your library card and a PIN, you may place your own holds by going to our Web site ( and look at our catalog. Placing holds on items featured in this column is now even easier. The new columns are hyperlinked to the catalog: Simply look up the column, click on the title you want and you will be ready to place a hold.

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