Writing in support of recalling Murkowski

Letter to the editor

Posted: Sunday, October 19, 2003

A recall of Governor Murkowski is the best news I've heard since he entered office.

It gives us a glint of hope. I'll signa petition.

Since both Bush andMurkowski have been in office I've seen some of the dirtiest political leadership I've ever witnessed in Alaska and America.

Public votes that again and again beattheir proposals are ignored.

Instead they scheme trickier methods to mislead or fool the American/Alaskan people. No solid foundation can be built on shady political dealings.

That's not the Alaska or America that I grew up with and am proud of.

When there's no compromise, the people suffer from the injustice.There needs to be a balance. There needs to be compromise.

Both Governor Murkowski and President Bush are jeopardizing our futures as they manipulate and eliminate the public's voices.

Our national forest protections get dismantled, clean water and habitat laws are dismissed, and don't expect your neighbors with special needs or people needing extra help to receive the support that they did in the past. They're on their own with the Murkowski administration. Because bridges are more important.

There is so much wasted time and energy in these unnecessary battles, back and forth.Energy and efforts that we could put to more positive uses.

There is no integrity, no honor, no respect on this political path with these kinds ofleaders.America is better than that.

When the collective inspired works of citizens and leaders built up over decades is dismissedor dismantled without input from Americans/Alaskans, it leads me to believe the leaders must be mad.

If you keep ignoring our voices and try to silence them, they're only going to get louder. Your forced politics will only breed contempt.

If you keep bullying your neighbors around, pretty soon they'll fight back even if they believe in peace. There are always consequences when you stray from the path of balance and compromise.

Bob Dylan could not have said it more clearly: "We got gangsters in power and law breakers making the rules. When you gonna wake up?" Choose cooperation and compromiseand support,a balance in the future that does not polarize neighbors. A future whereappointed leaders will actually listen to the people they serve.Support a recall of the governor. In the long run, we will all be better off.

Ray Jones


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