Saddened by the killing of trees

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Posted: Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Shame on those folks in Juneau who needlessly kill and maim trees when some careful pruning would preserve the trees, and they could still get their jobs done.

After we acquired our property in Auke Bay and added a driveway, we planted a lovely little May Day tree beside the driveway, near one of the property lines. When our lot was surveyed, the surveyor assured me that he would not need to cut trees along that line, so I was not worried about the tree. I carefully tended it over the 11 short years of its life, and it had grown to a 21.9 foot tall beauty, 27 1/2 inches of that height this year. (How could I determine its exact height and age, you ask? Read on.)

Imagine my shock and dismay when I returned home after voting and found not only this tree hacked down, but also the whole long hedgerow of red elderberries, including one that was about 20 feet wide and 15 feet tall, blueberries, spruce, hemlock, willow, and alder, totaling 36 in all. Squirrels and a large variety of birds enjoyed the shelter and food provided by this healthy group of plants, and it provided a nice backdrop for my gardens. In a few minutes, the entire hedgerow was decimated. What a huge loss. I cannot explain why the surveyor did not take a few minutes to contact us in advance to let us know he'd be surveying there and we'd need to prune or coax the trees and bushes out of his way, which we would gladly have done. This same surveyor provided this opportunity when he surveyed our former property in the Valley. That time we pruned some branches and tied others out of the way. This cooperative effort to preserve some of our natural beauty is so much better than slash and hack.

I was deeply hurt by the loss of this habitat and I am still saddened by it.

Becky Carls

Auke Bay

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