Candidate favors more road study

Letters to the editor

Posted: Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Let it be known that at no time during my statement on the "road issue," at the recent chamber candidate forum, did I say I "just" wanted to build a road without looking at the future environmental impacts. In order to progress as a city, road connectivity to the rest of the state is a step that we ultimately will have to face. However, I am deeply concerned with the environmental impacts a road will create and want to work for community consensus and cooperation.

The Empire headline (Oct. 18) gives the reader the false interpretation of my position and it implies I just want to build without looking at the consequences. Improving transportation is critical. An EIS will provide the options that will enable Juneau to move forward, whether a road or other options are ultimately decided upon.

Running for political office takes tremendous time and sacrifice. It is my hope that the Empire will provide unbiased, fair coverage during this election season.

Andrew Engstrom

Candidate for House District 3


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