Businesses target of scams

Letter to the editor

Posted: Wednesday, October 19, 2005

I urge Alaskan businesses to carefully read the mail that their employees may process. Over the past several years, my employer has been the target of attempted scams by "toner phoner" companies who send unordered copier toner and follow up with overpriced invoices, phony phone directories, and useless "Who's Who" books.

Alaskan businesses have recently received "URGENT!" notices from "The Alaska Labor Law Poster Service" with formats that closely resemble official government documents.

These "notices" are nothing more than a deceptive effort by a non-Alaskan for-profit company to use a Ketchikan mail drop to appear to be an Alaskan government agency.

This company warns businesses that they may be liable for fines or assessments of up to $7,000 for failing to display the posters required by law. They say that businesses can comply with state law by "responding to the order form below" to purchase them for $54.50 plus shipping when the same posters are available from the Alaska Department of Labor or the Federal government online or by mail for free.

Any business that wants the required labor posters to post on their company bulletin board can find information about downloading them or ordering them for free online on the state's Division of Labor Standards and Safety Web site.

Companies that engage in this kind of deceptive marketing don't deserve the hard-earned dollars of Alaskan businesses.

Dennis Harris


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