Not the sins of the party

Letter to the editor

Posted: Wednesday, October 19, 2005

In his Oct. 13 letter to the editor, Jerry Demmert asked an appropriate question, "Who's going to impeach the president, the Republican-controlled Congress?" The constitution says impeachment is an indictment of the president, not the president's party.

Sens. Ted Stevens and Lisa Murkowski and Rep. Don Young are not guilty of Bush's crimes. In the State of the Union address, Bush told us there were nuclear weapons in Iraq and that "fact," according to his speech was the only justification for war. There is strong evidence that Bush was lying through his teeth to all Americans, including Ted Stevens, Lisa Murkowski and Don Young. Tens of thousands have died as a result of those lies.

If a vote to impeach Bush arises in Congress, Alaska's congressional delegation face the choice of serving justice or becoming accomplices to serious crimes. I can't predict how Alaska's politicians will vote, but Republicans control the House and the Senate by fairly narrow margins.

Bush's approval ratings are sinking while the federal deficit, poverty, unemployment and foreign debt are rising with no end in sight. Many Republicans face reelection in 2006 and might not want to associate themselves with a president that trashed the economy and embarrassed the nation worldwide. Have you checked out the national debt lately? Some Republicans may simply have enough integrity and understanding of the Constitution to feel that even the president should not be above the law. It is not a foregone conclusion that all Republicans are going to stand by Bush.

Carl Reese


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