Vision for Alaska

Posted: Sunday, October 20, 2002

Frank Murkowski has a vision for Alaska. He understands that for Alaska's economy to improve we need to develop the infrastructure that will allow it to happen. Gold prices are higher now than they have been in many years.

We need to build roads to assist the mining industry in exploration and development efforts. Frank Murkowski understands that Alaska is a resource-rich state and we need to encourage business and industry to invest in Alaska. To do this, Alaska must first invest in itself by building our infrastructure. The federal government pays over 90 percent for new roads in Alaska. This investment creates construction jobs, trucking jobs, payroll jobs, jobs in the materials sector that supply the construction industry. The dollars spent on new roads have a dramatic positive effect on our economy. So, ask yourself why wouldn't we want new roads? I am voting for Frank Murkowski because he understands what it will take to make Alaska great!

Roger Burggraf


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