Skills and stature

Posted: Sunday, October 20, 2002

During my nearly three decades in Fairbanks, I have watched gubernatorial races with considerable interest. I have always looked closely at the candidates and supported the one who had the qualifications to lead our state at that particular time.

This year the right person to lead our great state is Frank Murkowski. Our greatest need is for leadership in jobs and our economy. Frank Murkowski's vision for Alaska includes the premise that good services, quality education, and a strong infrastructure depend on a prosperous, growing economy.

Frank Murkowski has the skills and stature to provide strong leadership in resource development and promising industry in Alaska. However, his priorities are not solely economic. He cares about children and family issues, health care, the needs of senior citizens and veterans, and quality education for our children and youth.

Please join me in voting for Frank Murkowski for governor.

Cynthia Henry


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