Ultimately responsible

Posted: Sunday, October 20, 2002

I am forced to reply to an unfounded statement made by Mr. Prussing in his Oct. 16 letter wherein he asserts that the accident victim's family, if not suing for wrongdoing, must be trying "to profit from a tragic event." Mr. Prussing sees this as either a symptom or a cause of the high insurance rates we pay. I find these comments crass, insensitive, misguided and self-serving.

What Mr. Prussing failed to acknowledge is that, while the driver of the vehicle involved may not have intended to hit the victim and may not be punished, she is ultimately responsible for the victim's death. Further, there are medical and burial costs associated with this tragedy. The person responsible for causing the victim's death should carry the burden of these costs.

This, Mr. Prussing, is why we pay our insurance premiums.

Robyn Holloway


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