Ruling with an iron fist

Posted: Sunday, October 20, 2002

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The Kids Voting program

The Kids Voting program sponsors a student election and has a mission of educating local students about the rights and responsibilities of citizenship, helping to instill the habit of voting in young people, and generating higher adult voter turnout. In 2000, about 2,300 Juneau students, grades K-12, went to the polls and voted with their parents. Kids Voting involves local business, service groups and volunteers. Many teachers incorporate the Kids Voting civics lessons into their lesson plans. Along with going to the polls, students may participate in the Kids Voting media project where they learn about how print and broadcast media play a role in the election process. The Juneau Empire is a sponsor of KidsVoting and the Kids Voting media project. The following student-letters were written as part of the Kids Voting project and in response to the question: What would happen if no one voted? - Editor

Imagine America where no one voted. Corrupt politicians would rule Congress, make underhanded deals in an effort to run the country. Oh wait! That's America today! Imagine the world where no one voted, the entire world would be ruled not by a corrupt Congress, but a corrupt dictator, who would run the world with an iron fist.

Get out and vote on Nov. 5. If you don't vote, you allow leaders to be elected against the true will of the people. If you don't vote, you don't allow your voice to be represented in government. Voting is fast, easy and fun for the whole family. Yes, you read that right, the whole family. Kids Voting USA is a program that allows your children to vote with you. Kids Voting was started up in 1994 by a group of researchers who looked at various studies and found that children who went with their parents to the polls voted more often as adults than children who didn't. I know from experience that Kids Voting works. In 1996, I went with my parents to Juneau Christian Center to vote. I was handed a piece of paper with each candidate's face on it. I remember voting H. Ross Perot for President and Don Young for Congress. If my parents hadn't brought me to the polls, I might not have written this. So on Nov. 5, go out and bring your children to the polls. You will make a difference for the community, for yourself, our nation and most importantly, for your children.

Jeremiah Crockroft, Grade 8

Dzantik'i Heeni Middle School

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