Park Service, not family, the probem

Posted: Monday, October 20, 2003

Blaine Harden's article "A bulldozer runs through it" is a frightening example of how the media can mislead readers.As an Alaskan I find it almost laughable that the National Park Service considers a wilderness family dangerous because they carry guns.

Frankly, I find the content ofthis article lacking in factual information. I've met and talked to the Pilgrim family. They are good people.

The National Park Service says they areconcerned about the possibility of another Ruby Ridge or Waco while, at the same time,every one of the NPSmeasures invites such an event. The NPS "stormtrooper" presence was expensive, obtrusiveand unnecessary.The flavorwas "Germany - 1942."

The NPS actionsare a terrible affront to the taxpayer. The expenditureindicates they have surplus funds. Our Washington,D.C., representativesneed to review theirbudget ... and reduce it. NPS personnel changes are also in order!

Fact: The NPS did more damage to the park environment with their "survey" than the Pilgrim family could if they had a fleet of bulldozers operating 24/7 on the recognized 100-year-old road right of way. The reason why NPS has denied public use of this road can only be found in the mind of a tree hugger.

I've recently talked to NPS personnel in McCarthy and came away with the conviction they desperately need adult supervision. I'm available.

Ed Granger


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