Do more than vote

Posted: Monday, October 20, 2008

I'm getting ready to vote.

I know how it'll be - I'll spend some time cajoling my young son and myself into some warm outdoor clothes, grab the leash and a handful of poop-bags, strap my kid to my back, call the dog, and head out for the several block walk through the rain or sleet or snow to the polling station in my neighborhood.

I'm what the Milton Friedmanites who just wrecked our economy call a "leftist," a "socialist" and a "commie-loving hippy," because I don't unquestioningly believe in giving my tax money away to private corporations under the guise of military intervention, "disaster capitalism" or the supposed "Free Market Economy."

I actually think that human beings in today's world have some additional rights that have been left completely out of the dialogue. We all have the right to equal access to medical technology and the best medical care - you might call that Socialized Medicine.

We all have the right to free and equal access to the best education available - it's in everyone's interest and an intrinsic part of participating in a democracy. I also believe that we should all have free and equal access to the law and the courts.

What we don't have is representation. Our political arena is a circus, weighted with ideologies that do not express the views of the majority of American voters, and Milton Friedman's radical economic views stand prominently among them.

Unfortunately for all of us these views, due to a fundamental betrayal by our public servants, have been allowed to steer the debate, to the point where we are allowing them to throw a trillion dollars of our money at Wall Street without much argument, where we allow them to instigate and steer a global war on dissent, where we allow the blatant looting of the public trust in the name of patriotism.

It's an insult to the people who have died to defend our democracy, to the people who believe in the ideals this country stands for, and has turned the very idea of public service against us.

I urge all of you to do more than vote. Make your voices heard and take back control of this country.

Reclaim your destiny and stand for your rights as citizens, before the ideals expressed in our founding documents become a thing of the past.

Jamison Paul


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