Act on health care

Posted: Tuesday, October 20, 2009

This health care debate is getting ludicrous. We must all be sick of being lambasted with irrational fear-mongering advertisements. Congress makes law, and if something needs to be adjusted in the future, they can fix it. Everyone except the insurance companies agree: Something needs to be done now.

It's only the money-grubbing takers who will stop at nothing to prevent progress, since they've learned the current "game" so well. Big banks may have already succeeded in wasting this crisis moment, preventing our democracy from getting on the path of sustained economic growth. It's likely back to the boom or bust economic cycles, diseased with regular intervals of recession.

These fear-based money-grubbers are turning many citizens into schizophrenic wimps with the bombardment of these "what ifs."

It's time to act on health care. We still need to work on the wasteful consumption of fossil fuels. And sadly, Big Oil has already begun brainwashing tactics.

John S. Sonin


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