Police and Fire

Posted: Sunday, October 21, 2001

Juneau police, fire officials and state troopers reported:

Driving while intoxicated:

* Michael Erb, 40, was arrested about 3 a.m. Saturday near Harris Harbor for drunken driving and two counts of reckless endangerment. He was lodged at the Lemon Creek Correctional Center.


* A woman reported at 10 a.m. Friday from Short Court that her mailbox was knocked down and a CD player valued at $280 was stolen from her locked vehicle.

* A boy, 16, was placed under citizen's arrest at 1 a.m. Saturday near Mendenhall Mall Road for fourth-degree theft and released to his parents.

Minor consuming:

* A woman, 18, was cited at 10:20 p.m. Friday on North Franklin Street for minor operating after consuming. Two women, 19, were cited for underage drinking.

Hit-and-run incidents:

* A man reported at 8:45 a.m. Friday near Mendenhall Mall Road that his parked vehicle was struck. The vehicle had $500-$600 damage.

Animal encounters:

* Bears were reported at 7:30 a.m. Friday near Back Loop Road and 12:35 a.m. Saturday near Willoughby Avenue.

Alcohol-related calls: 3.

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