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Posted: Monday, October 21, 2002

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Lawsuit-happy society

I absolutely agree with Mr. Prussing when he writes (Empire, Oct. 16) about a lawsuit-happy society. My family has personally been the target of lawsuit-happy neighbors. But how does Mr. Prussing make the jump from Ms. Johnnie, "doing nothing criminally wrong" to, as he put it "not being at fault." In the state of Alaska, and in Washington state as well, when you get a driver's license, and you drive on public roads, you assume some responsibility for your actions. If you happen to run down a pedestrian in a crosswalk you are at fault. And you better pray you have insurance!

Ms. Johnnie may have been found not to be criminally negligent in her actions, therefore by law she did nothing criminally wrong and will not be prosecuted. But was she at fault? Of course! To believe that Ms. Johnnie and her insurance company are not fully responsible for all expenses associated with this tragedy is ludicrous. I bet if your loved one was run down while in a crosswalk, you'd be singing a different tune, Mr. Prussing. Shame on you!

David Wrightson


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