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Posted: Monday, October 21, 2002

I recently attended a chamber luncheon featuring a debate of the House candidates running for office in Juneau.

Many have described Tim Grussendorf as a moderate Democrat or "Egan Democrat," a staffer representing the working-class or fishermen of the state. I see Grussendorf as highly experienced having worked in the Legislature for 10 years and gained insight and knowledge of the legislative process. Granted many know Tim because of his father, Ben Grussendorf.

However, countless others have just gotten to know Tim as the tireless door-knocking candidate that is approachable, a listener, a independent thinker with deep Southeast Alaska roots that relate to the populace on many levels. He is an honorable man and steps forward for the District 4 House seat freely and confidently. His enthusiasm and passion for Alaska and the issues facing the state is indeed "catchy."

I think this attitude in addition to his experience will translate into the cohesion that will transcend party lines and get things accomplished.

Tim Grussendorf is the type of representative that Juneau and Alaska needs. He's got my vote!

Rosemarie Duran


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