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Letter to the Editor

Posted: Monday, October 21, 2002

The next governor has to be a really professional communicator to handle many urgent issues. Fran Ulmer stands out in this endeavor. In contrast, her opponent, Frank Murkowski, has proven to be weak in this respect.

We have never received a reply from Murkowski in regard to our questions given to him back in Washington, D.C. This has been a direct contrast to the response of the other members of our delegation in Washington.

Fran Ulmer has always put Juneau's needs as a top priority, which will be of utmost importance in the years to come. Murkowski has not always displayed this same quality over the years.

Having the Anchorage Daily News backing Fran is and will be a tremendous help with many problems in these critical times.

As senior citizens of over 80 years of Alaska residency, we are greatly concerned about the rising costs of medical care and prescription drugs.

If the people of Alaska think Murkowski can get huge amounts of federal money now - guess again - with the war, terrorists and domestic demands those days are over.

Let's all get out and vote and join us in casting your ballot for Fran Ulmer.

Dean and Edna Williams


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