Knowles event violates public trust

Letters to the editor

Posted: Thursday, October 21, 2004

On Oct. 11, Dzantik' i Heeni Middle School was used for a Tony Knowles campaign event. At this event political contributions were solicited and collected. School District policy specifically prohibits political fundraising on public school property (JSD Policy Manual: Facility Use Restrictions; Section 3.7).

The Knowles campaign should know and play by the rules and it is disappointing that they did not. It is also disappointing that school district personnel allowed this prohibited event to occur. Every Juneau taxpayer helped subsidize this improper partisan activity. Such a violation of the public trust cannot be corrected. To mitigate the damage done, the funds raised on Monday night should be forfeited and donated to the school district.

Jim Preston


Editor's note: The Knowles campaign denies soliciting contributions at the event but acknowledges receiving $50 in donations at the school.

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