Don't spoil Southeast with road

Letters to the editor

Posted: Thursday, October 21, 2004

I have not lived in Juneau for a while now, but nonetheless I do have feelings for my home town. And very fond memories as an athlete and chorus member attending Juneau-Douglas High School. We traveled, a lot, by ferry to our different games and different functions.

My memories of those times are my anchor when I think about Alaska. Those trips were a way to get out of Juneau for a while, see the rest of Southeast's beauty, enjoy what the sea had to offer in the way of wildlife, be a part of what Alaska is all about - freedom - and simply marvel in God's creative side.

Building a road "linking" Southeast would not only distroy the potential for other children to receive those memories and experiences, but it would also be a potential death trap for them. Avalanches are frequent and large in that area, pollution would be a huge problem both in the water and on the "side roads," floods would be a prominent issue to have to be dealt with, the upkeep during the winter would prove financially unviable, the tourist trade would, in my opinion, fade as one of the chief reasons people go to Alaska is to travel the water highway - roads and gas stations they can get in any other state of the union and are obviously not what they wanted as they booked a room on one of the many, many boats that travel to Alaska.

Alaska at times can spend its money in very foolish ways. Don't let the building of a "linking Southeast" road be one of them.

Jackie Woolf

Moscow, Idaho

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