Alaskans won't drive to Juneau

Letters to the editor

Posted: Thursday, October 21, 2004

Rich Poor's "My Turn: Road is realistic too" (Oct.20) was way off the mark when it comes to the Anchorage and Interior perspective of building a road to Juneau.

I've lived in Fairbanks for 11 years and Anchorage for 20. The only reason I would drive from here to Juneau is if I were moving there, planning on staying for a long time, or had a very long vacation planned

The reality is that Juneau is too far away to pop on down in a car to visit the Legislature and then drive back. Besides, if I wanted to do that I could do the same thing by driving to Haines and taking the ferry.

Juneau road proponents actually do our state's beautiful capital a disservice by pushing the road - because here in the heartland it only reminds folks how costly it is to build a road that won't serve most of the state's population. It also gets us thinking about how far Juneau really is.

Let's keep our capital in Juneau and not give the crazies here another reason to move it. Besides, two hours by air sounds a lot better to us than two days by car.

Kevin Harun


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