Empire sells out

Letters to the editor

Posted: Thursday, October 21, 2004

I write to denounce what I hope will not become a regular practice of defacing the Empire front page, and particularly page one photos, with advertising stickers like the one that appeared on the Sunday, Oct. 17, edition. The front page of a newspaper has long been honored by publications and editors who believe their first duty is to journalism and not capitalism by resisting the temptation to sully it with advertising.

You insulted the work of your best photographer, Michael Penn, readers who appreciate quality pictures, and the First Amendment with your sticker. Now would be an appropriate moment for your new advertising director to apologize for the mistake and demonstrate that he has not been sent to Alaska to suck every possible penny out of the state under the guise of journalism by pledging it will not happen again.

Alternately, readers can remove stickers from photos when they appear, or remove the Empire from their reading list.

Robert P. Tkacz


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