We need to protect subsistence hunting

Posted: Sunday, October 21, 2007

As I read Lorianne Rawson's My Turn, "Politicians cause trouble in Bristol Bay," I wondered how in the world can she claim to be a Bristol Bay fisherman with no regards to the welfare of the fish she claims to be fishing for? Did she read up on the disasters that mines can do to the environments? How our rivers can become poisoned by the chemicals they use to get to the gold? Did she read that Kensington Mine wants to dump tailings into Slate Lake and have that labeled as fill?

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If we leave this up to the state, we will have nothing left to fish and subsist for so we need to put the permitting process back to the fish and wildlife.

I am singing praises to the Reps. Jay Ramras, Bryce Edgmon, Nancy Dahlstrom, Les Gara and Beth Kerttula and others in Legislature, because they are only thinking of the people and not just the few that are profiting from the mine. Way to go, Ramras, Edgmon and all the others involved in House Bill 134 and Senate Bill 67. Keep up the good work and keep on thinking of the people who elected you into your offices. Thank you very much.

Sally Gumlickpuk

Subsistence user

New Stuyahok

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