Palin pats Miller on the back for conduct she earlier condemned

Posted: Thursday, October 21, 2010

Does Sarah Palin still think Joe Miller should be a senator? After all, he's admitted to being disciplined for improperly using government computers while he worked as a municipal attorney in Fairbanks in a campaign to oust Alaska Republican Party Chairman Randy Ruedrich.

Miller seems to have gotten an "attaboy" from Sarah Palin for doing exactly the same thing that caused her to start an ethics investigation into Randy Ruedrich in 2003. As a state employee, Ruedrich violated state ethics law by using his state computer for Republican fund-raising, and paid a fine of $12,000. It was Palin who turned in Ruedrich.

Palin used to think it was unethical and just plain wrong to use government computers for Republican Party politics. Did Miller hide from Palin his computer use - or did she know and still believe what he did was OK because Ruedrich was a political thorn in her side?

Dean Guaneli


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