Senate race is a struggle between America's 'thirds'

Posted: Thursday, October 21, 2010

Unfortunately those who support individual liberty, responsibility, property rights, and small unobtrusive government are really about one-third of the population. The second third favors big government, redistribution, statist control of the means of production and onerous regulations on the means and property they do not control. The other third are those who will take the statist, socialist and/or progressive programs at face value under the guise of positive rights, like a right to health care, a home, a state-funded retirement, etc.

We face the same problem as did Washington in the middle years of the American Revolution. People would join the fight when it directly affected them and when the fight moved to another area stayed home. For this reason Washington's regular Continental Army rarely numbered more than 5,000; for this reason, while the British only controlled roughly 5 percent of the landmass and populated areas, a force of about 50,000 took eight years to be defeated by a population of about 3 million.

Progressives will never quit in their efforts to destroy the America founded on Judeo-Christian ethics enshrined in the Declaration of independence and put into action by the Constitution. If we are to ultimately preserve national and individual liberty it will be by regaining local control of the educational system where progressive ideology is spoon-fed to our youth from day one, as well as the legislative and judicial systems. It will be through ceaseless efforts not simply one or two elections.

Just as personal spiritual salvation depends not upon a collective change of mind but an individual change of heart, national political salvation depends upon a personal change of heart away from nanny-state solutions and returning to individuals working toward securing their own, and in the process, their nation's freedom.

In the upcoming U.S. Senate election the three thirds are on display for all to see. If you support the turning away from an unholy alliance of commerce, manufacturing, money and public credit, fostered by a bloated, intrusive and interfering government, then Joe Miller is the only candidate who will work toward that most important of goals.

Robert D. Thom


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