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Posted: Monday, October 22, 2001

I sympathize with Emy Abad's horror at seeing a man die in front of his eyes. There are indeed no words to adequately describe the impact that such a tragedy has on anyone present. I speak from experience, having been present (and involved in the attempt to save the life of the person who passed on), not once, but on three separate occasions over 25 years. I had trouble sleeping for days afterwards each time.

What I found seriously lacking in the writer's expression of disappointment, was any indication that the writer was involved in any way other than as a spectator to the whole incident.

If a citizen is not willing to avail his or herself of basic lifesaving skills, for which instruction is readily available from a variety of groups in our community, what business does said citizen have criticizing those who do?

Emy Abad, anyone would be upset by witnessing a death first hand. Perhaps you should use the agitation this event has obviously caused you to educate yourself about basic life-saving techniques. Perhaps then, if you encounter a similar situation in the future, you won't feel so helpless, and want to blame someone for what happened.

John Weedman


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