Yielding a false conclusion

Posted: Monday, October 22, 2001

As has often been correctly stated (and demonstrated) recently, "freedom isn't free ..." It comes at a terrible price sometimes. One of the more incidental burdens imposed on a free society is the responsibility to air completely any number of inane opinions, no matter how far from reality some of them may stray.

Such is the case with the apparently ongoing series of diatribes you have seen fit to print from Ms. Chris Joy. I've tried previously to respond to her not-so-hidden agenda, but you've indicated my response was too lengthy. Given the amount of ink you've granted her, I would hope that you can find space for this modest, but necessary, rebuttal.

First, I'm reminded of a phrase that an old college professor gave me: "A false premise, followed by effective logic, will invariably yield a false conclusion." Simply put, Ms. Joy, to describe the world's ills as the unhappy result of the poor decisions made by (either) gender is simple, remarkable, stupidity. Moreover, the repeated and vehement assertion that this is, in fact, the case says more about your own deficiencies than those of the world around you.

Certainly it is true that humankind, throughout its history, has bumbled and stumbled its way through any number of hideous problems. We are doing so now. It is also true that most of these issues have transpired in a worldwide male-dominated societal structure. That, I'm afraid, is as far as your logic will take you. To insinuate, as you do, that these problems would not have occurred or that they would have been better dealt with in a female-dominated society is pure idiocy.

As evidence of the fallacy of your assertions, I would remind you that the society in which you live, as well as your very freedom to espouse your beliefs as you so readily do, is guaranteed by the Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights. Please review them and let me know how many women were signatories to any of them.

The capacity for good decision making and leadership, simply put, is not confined to either gender. It follows, then, that neither gender should seek to make the case that they could do better in this current crisis, or any that have gone before, based upon an accident of birth that made them male or female. The "natural law" you seek to restore would, I'm afraid, also provide you with a system of "natural selection," which would most probably boot your vacuous assertions through the goalposts of real life in a hurry.

I don't know if your mother (or father) didn't hold you enough when you were young or if your efforts to debase males come from some other dark place, but please quit trying to forward your pathetic personal agenda through these recent tragic events. The freedoms you have and the personal security you enjoy are largely due to the legions of people who went before you and fought and died to secure them. There were certainly some courageous women included in that gallant group, but, overwhelmingly, it was men who crafted and defended your right to be the person you have become.

Phil Gillespie


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