Peace and prosperity

Posted: Monday, October 22, 2001

Bromidic? Cockamamie? Naive? You know, Doctor d'Armand, I really don't care to hear another man's sentimental perspectives on issues of war or democracy. Talk about commonplace, banal, clich, prosing: (yes, I had to look up "bromidic") "We Owe our Heroes"? No, sir, we owe our children!

That "our country traditionally engages in war to defend itself against aggressors" now that's naive, Doctor d'Armand. And I do emphasize: War is a masculine reflex, without any discredit intended to women who serve(d) your point sir, is very much beside the point. Do you not see? Do you not know your own history? Before the Great Wars, before the great Roman civilization you extol, there was a great burning. And the civilizations of women and Indian peoples were burned and stolen from refashioned as Christianity and Democracy. Know your unspeakable history doctor, your very profession exists on the ashes of women! Your letter pointedly scoffs at any suggestion that "women alone can win the peace." Let me ask you this, if the U.S. government is so intent upon eradicating terrorism and establishing democracy in Afghanistan and other places in the world, why does the U.S. government support the notoriously corrupt Northern Alliance to topple the Taliban? Why aren't we directly supporting the Afghani women's militia and RAWA forces which naturally and peacefully impede the Taliban? You see, doctor, the war is flawed because the aim, agenda and origin is flawed: Our course is nothing more than masculine and destructive. If we so virulently oppose the fundamentalism imposed by the Taliban, why not pour money into the immediate education and support of women, hospitals, schools, vocational opportunities, tools, community centers to thwart and overwhelm the nihilisms of the Taliban? And that is not done nor being done, sir, in the name of Americans!

That President Bush and our military regime is unwilling to halt bombing raids to allow food deliveries and winter provisions to stranded civilians is an outrage. There is nothing heroic or human about our war in Afghanistan. My grandfather would not fight for this. Don't fool yourselves, injustice and atrocities are committed upon the Afghani people by the American people day and night thanks to President Bush and his simian plan and shortsightedness; and retaliation if we play by our rules is justified and forthcoming.

As to Mr. Schenker's question "what has the APOW got up their blouse sleeves?" Women have the winds of peace and prosperity and goodness and creativity up their sleeves. Sorry to disappoint you no man-made arsenal, I'm afraid. Too witless for APOW.

Chris Joy


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