Progressive attitude

Posted: Tuesday, October 22, 2002

I have no use for anyone in the Alaska Legislature who represents Juneau and votes no on road access in and out of Juneau, and votes no on opening ANWR for drilling. We need Cathy Muñoz in the Alaska State Senate now.

I entered the first grade in Juneau in 1936 at the Fifth Street School. I am proud of my accomplishments as I was involved in much of Juneau's progress - a former owner of a construction-land development company, owner of one of the first trailer courts in Juneau, flew for Alaska Coastal Ellis, owned my own air taxi, a police officer in Juneau in the '50s, a former Assembly member in the '70s and one that has built my life in Juneau.

I am tired of those who want to stop or slow down progress in our state and city, tying up our lands because they are supposedly "wetlands" and making any development a very arduous process! What a bunch of nonsense. If it were up to those same people today, we wouldn't have a Western Auto, Kmart, Fred Meyer, any homes in the valley, no water/sewer or paved roads, etc.

I support a new administration with a progressive attitude and I support a new senator for Juneau with a progressive attitude. Please join with me in support of Cathy Muñoz for Senate.

Tom Horn


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