Cathy helped bilingual education

Posted: Tuesday, October 22, 2002

Cathy Muñoz understands the importance of bilingual education. As a fluent Spanish speaker and co-founder of the Juneau Charter School, Cathy pushed hard for the creation of a Spanish language curriculum. The Juneau Charter School is one of the only primary schools in Southeast that offers foreign language instruction. Cathy brought the idea to fruition.

After her last Assembly race, Cathy donated her leftover campaign funds, nearly $1,800, to create a foreign language section at all three branches of the Juneau Public Library. This section is targeted at Juneau's youngest students.

As senator, Cathy will continue to be a strong advocate for education. She supports second language instruction in the primary grades. And she wants to work with the Native community to provide greater support for the Tlingit language, as an option at the grade school level.

Cathy will always be a strong supporter for bilingual education. On Nov. 5, I strongly urge you to vote for Cathy Muñoz.

Allan D. Engstrom


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