Valuable representative

Posted: Tuesday, October 22, 2002

I am proud to call Cathy Muñoz my friend and professional peer. Long before she decided to campaign for the Senate, and long before I decided to campaign to become the mayor of the Fairbanks North Star Borough, we were discussing statewide issues, opportunities and solutions. I enjoyed her company because she had depth, compassion, respect and love for the state of Alaska and was an excellent communicator. It is for those reasons and more I would endorse her as your senator from District B.

I believe that we should maintain economic strength and health around the entire state and make decisions that will not adversely effect any area of the state unless it is imperative to do so. Moving the capital is not in that category and both Cathy and I adamantly agree on that subject. She will be a team player in the Senate and will form additional relationships around the state as she exemplified. Her outgoing personality, her thorough analytical ability, and her vision for the state will make her a valuable representative of Juneau's issues.

Please elect Cathy as your District B senator.

Rhonda Boyles


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