Supporting resource development

Posted: Tuesday, October 22, 2002

Alaskans have been blessed by the strength of our federal delegation. For years, our leaders in Washington have battled to preserve our rights and our ability to support ourselves through resource development.

Unfortunately, the Ulmer-Knowles administration has been one of missed opportunities. While our leaders in Washington were battling on our behalf, Fran and Tony negotiated away administrative support on key issues facing our resource industries. Instead of defending the key role our natural resource development industries play in the state's economy, they cut deals with the environmental left. After eight long years, the only measurable legacy left by Fran and Tony are thousands of lost jobs.

If you listen to Fran's campaign message it becomes clear. Public, taxpayer-supported jobs are more important than private, small-business jobs. If public employment exceeds private employment and government workers typically vote Democratic, then the ability to elect a Democratic governor is a lock. Over 3,000 people will not be able to vote in this election because they worked in the timber industry. Not only did they lose their jobs, but to survive, they had to move.

In Southeast Alaska, folks are terrified because they have experienced first hand Fran's coziness with the anti-development forces. Frank Murkowski understands that Alaska must have a strong private-sector economy. He also understands the important role state government has in supporting our key industries. A strong economy will create new opportunities for new small businesses. As governor, Frank Murkowski will return us to a government that supports the citizens of the state, not a government that dominates its people.

John Conley


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