Securing our future

Posted: Tuesday, October 22, 2002

Rep. Bill Hudson has served Juneau and Alaska with distinction and while it will be hard to replace all of his knowledge and experience, there is a candidate running for office who can fill his shoes - Tim Grussendorf. Mr. Grussendorf's service with the state and local governments brings a valuable knowledge, so he knows where those shoes should be walking and what steps they need to take to get there.

Since his gradation from the University of Oregon with a degree in political science, he has worked hard to ensure that his family will have a good future. Working with legislators and staff as a finance committee aide, as a board member to several committees within our community, and over 20 years as a commercial fisherman, I know he will continue to strive hard so that not only his family, but all Alaskans will have a bright and secure future. Please vote Nov. 5 for the best candidate, not only to fill Rep. Hudson's shoes, but who can also hit the ground running - Tim Grussendorf.

Tricia Everson


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