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Posted: Friday, October 22, 2004

In response to Peggy Ann McConnochie's letter to the editor on Sunday, Oct. 17. I agree that it is a step backwards to not have a female voice on the Juneau Assembly. However, throwing stones at a group of individuals, implying that they voted poorly, is simply uncalled for.

I attended the "empowerment" rally. I do not recall seeing Peggy Ann McConnochie. I do, however, recall seeing Jeannie Johnson. I voted for Jeannie Johnson, not just because she is woman, but because I believe what she adds to the Assembly is so much more encompassing than her gender.

I cannot second-guess why the vote turned out the way it did. I can, however, be an involved citizen and support change. I can also make my voice heard and respectfully request that individuals who make suppositions on my vote keep their opinions to themselves.

Cathy Johnson


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