Woman appalled at dog beating

Posted: Monday, October 22, 2007

In regards to the owners of the springer spaniel who were at the Boy Scout Camp Trailhead late Sunday afternoon, I can only say that I am appalled by their behavior and angry at myself for being too stunned and not having the guts to stick up for the poor, defenseless pet.

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The dog was in the midst of going to the bathroom in the cul-de-sac when his owner deemed it an inappropriate place that the dog should have known better not to use and hauled off and kicked him hard in the ribs. I shudder to think of what he did to the dog when he dragged him behind his car for a couple of minutes and out of my line of sight.

Apparently to this man, abusing a dog is more acceptable than just picking up his poop. That is the most warped sense of responsible dog ownership I have ever encountered. And to the abuser's wife or girlfriend who stood by while the dog was beat and silently mouthed "Sorry" to me while she picked up the dog poop, I can only hope that the violence that he inflicted on your pet does not extend to her as well. If so, I hope she has the courage to get some help, if not only for herself than for the dog.

I wish I could have found my voice and offered to buy the dog on the spot rather than watch those two walk away and the neck-wrenching yanks on the dog's leash as he tried to look back. The inhumane behavior upset me terribly and effectively tarnished a beautiful sunny afternoon.

I hope they take the opportunity to attend dog obedience classes and teach their dog good behavior through positive reinforcement, not violence. Failing that, they should take him to the local Humane Society where he may find someone to give him the loving home he deserves.

Marit Carlson-Van Dort


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