Hoonah fighters steal the show at Roughhouse

Posted: Monday, October 22, 2007

Fighters from Hoonah made their presence felt at Friday's Roughhouse Boxing card at Marlintini's Lounge.

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Hoonah boxers won two of three bouts Friday as a loud contingent of fans cheered for their local brawlers.

First-time fighter Melissa Michel of Hoonah knocked out Juneau's Yanakeen "The Beaver" See in a women's bout.

The referee handed See a standing eight count near the end of the first round after a Michel punch. See provided an even battle by navigating her way through the bout until a clubbing right hand by Michel dropped the Juneau fighter. The crowd-pleasing bout ended with a joyous Michel celebrating as the crowd chanted "Hoo-nah, Hoo-nah."

Another Hoonah victory went to heavyweight Eric Larsen, who knocked out Sitka's Royal "Crown Royal" Hudson 1 minute, 22 seconds into round one. The fight was very physical with both fighters entangling and falling to the mat. Larsen delighted the Hoonah fans by knocking out Hudson with multiple shots to the head.

Middleweight Matt "The Animal" Huelsman prevented a Hoonah sweep by defeating Elton "The Big E" Williard in a wild bout that had both fighters bouncing off all the ropes in the ring.

Here's a rundown of Friday's action:

• Friday's card featured a scary moment as Erica "Baby Girl" Judson was taken from the ring in a neck brace and backboard by EMTs after falling to Selina Slack in a rematch of last month's women's bout. Slack connected with a roundhouse right that sent Judson spinning to her corner as she gasped that her neck hurt. Judson was unable to stand on her own power. Some insensitive crowd members yelled at the referee to start more fighting as EMTs attended to Judson. Promoter Bob Haag later announced that Judson suffered a pinched nerve. Judson was treated and released from Bartlett Regional Hospital.

• In the evening's main event, Anchorage's Brian Ryan won a close decision over Juneau's Al Perkins.

• Norman Flood III withstood an adrenaline-filled attack by newcomer Kennith Lewis to win a decision. From the opening bell, both fighters threw nothing but haymakers as Lewis took a hard shot that sent him popping through the ropes. The fighters slowed as the bout progressed and Flood maintained his ground for the win.

• Veteran fighter Rooney Hasselquist topped newcomer Matt Schenker in an athletic bout. Hasselquist, whose said his strategy going in to the fight was to "not get knocked down," showed he's been training. Hasselquist, angered at a shot after the bell, caught Schenker with two huge rights as the crowd yelled for him to "kiss him again." Schenker went the distance but Hasselquist dominated the third round to earn the win.

• First-time fighter Matthew Brown stopped Doug Chilton in the second round for a successful Roughhouse debut. Brown, cousin of fighter Walter "Showstoppa" Brown, bloodied Chilton's nose in the second round before the referee stopped the fight.

• Lightweight Abe Thompson picked up his first knockout win after stopping Logan Henkins in a wild fight. Thompson knocked down Henkins in the first round and forced a standing eight count in the second.

• Middleweight Mike Vavilis defeated Don Sapinoso in a sometimes playful looking fight that featured all offense and no defense. Vavilis, who was fighting to "get the anger out," and Sapinoso went the distance. Both fighters threw big punches, even when they had their backs to each other during the bout.

• Veteran Roughhouse fighter Walter "Showstoppa" Brown continued his steady improvement by stopping newcomer Christian Stevens.

Roughhouse Boxing returns to Marlintini's on Nov. 9. Marlintini's owner Ethan Billings said he hopes to have Juneau's first mixed martial arts bout during that night.

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