Approach Mahler with 'ears and a heart'
If you're headed to the symphony this weekend to hear Gustav Mahler's Resurrection Symphony, and you're tempted to fortify yourself by reading up on the complex work before you go, do Mahler a favor and don't read his program notes. Better yet, avoid any source that tries to tell you what the piece means.

Local historian spreads the word about Willoughby
Over the years, Mark Whitman has strained his eyes in the process of going through “miles of microfilm,” but for the career librarian and independent historian, each nugget of information he finds is worth its weight in gold.

'Circle Mirror' is spot-on delightful
A s a newcomer to Alaska, I'm learning to let go of formalities. I wore jeans to the Oct. 10 Sunday evening production of Annie Baker's "Circle Mirror Transformation" at Perseverance Theatre and I fit in. In Baker's deceptively simple story, the audience is invited into the lives of five people in an acting class. Each character is learning to let go in order to fit in. Each makes unique discoveries.

'RED' in a word: Loud
J ust because you're a retired agent doesn't mean everyone in your area code won't try to shoot you dead.

The 'DNA of the blues'
C onfession: Lately, I've been getting seriously into the blues. Like bad. So bad that my obsession with its tasty 12-bar form is starting to deter my friends and family from wanting to ride in the car with me. I've tried to tell them that the rainy weather is what sends me scramblin' for my Howlin Wolf tapes, but to no avail. I ride alone these days it seems. Hrumph. All the better to crank the tunes, I say. And good riddance. Between Buddy Guy and B.B. King, there's no room anyway. But having just said that, imagine my surprise when I found a stowaway yesterday!

UAS Evening at Egan hosts author Heather Lende
Haines author Heather Lende will share stories about her life and read excerpts from her books at this week's Evening at Egan lecture, beginning at 7 p.m. Friday, Oct. 22, in the Egan Library at UAS.

Thunder Mountain stages 'In a Grove'
The Thunder Mountain Drama Department will present "In a Grove: Four Japanese Ghost Stories" beginning Nov. 5. Performances are scheduled for two consecutive weekends, Nov. 5-6 and Nov. 12-13, at 7:30 p.m. at TMHS auditorium. "In a Grove," written by Eric Coble, leads viewers through four ghostly tales, traveling back in time hundreds of years to watch the supernatural history - and ultimate destruction - of an entire village.

Local lectures, dances, artist market scheduled for Native American Heritage Month
Sealaska Heritage Institute will sponsor a noon lecture series, dance performances, and a Native art market to celebrate Native American Heritage Month in November.

New crop of picture books awaits young readers at the local libraries
New picture books at the Juneau Public Libraries range from books about being (almost) grown-up ("Almost," by Richard Torrey) to books about squirrels ("Those Darn Squirrels," by Adam Rubin) and the truth about mysterious trippers ("Jack the Tripper," by Gene Barretta).

Miller's right to fight political orthodoxy
In 1847 Ignaz Semmelweis, a Hungarian physician discovered that surgeons' washing their hands before operating on a patient greatly reduced the chance of infection, thereby increasing the survival rate. This position was considered extreme by the medical establishment at the time, and he was ridiculed, persecuted, and eventually dismissed in spite of his proven results.

Palin pats Miller on the back for conduct she earlier condemned
Does Sarah Palin still think Joe Miller should be a senator? After all, he's admitted to being disciplined for improperly using government computers while he worked as a municipal attorney in Fairbanks in a campaign to oust Alaska Republican Party Chairman Randy Ruedrich.

Sealaska shareholder pleased with Alaskans Standing Together
As a shareholder of Sealaska, I am very pleased to see our corporation join, participate and contribute to "Alaskans Standing Together." It's not about Democrats or Republicans. It's more about preserving our way of life. I hope all Alaska Native corporation shareholders understand the importance of us standing together. As a Democrat, I will vote for Lisa Murkowski.

Senate race is a struggle between America's 'thirds'
Unfortunately those who support individual liberty, responsibility, property rights, and small unobtrusive government are really about one-third of the population. The second third favors big government, redistribution, statist control of the means of production and onerous regulations on the means and property they do not control. The other third are those who will take the statist, socialist and/or progressive programs at face value under the guise of positive rights, like a right to health care, a home, a state-funded retirement, etc.

Miller would help build prosperous nation
The United States holds a debt-to-GDP ratio of 94 percent. In addition, GDP cannot be entirely devoted to debt repayment; some must be spent on survival needs. When we reach 100 percent, we will be in the same sinking boat as Greece. How did Portugal, Ireland, Greece, Spain and Britain get into massive debt? By spending far more on social programs than these governments collected in taxes.

Supporting Murkowski for her son's Alaska
While some are choosing to stay mum on personal matters until after the Nov. 2nd elections, I'd like to take this moment to share my dirty little secret. I've been volunteering on Lisa Murkowski's write-in campaign, helping get the Juneau headquarters up and running, participating in literature drops, distributing signs, bumper stickers, pins, papers and these great new rubber bracelets; but, I didn't vote in the primary elections and I won't be voting in the upcoming elections. In fact, I'm not even a registered voter.

Photo: Quack attack
Marzena Whitmore, 4, feeds mallard ducks at the Rotary Pond on Riverside Drive on Tuesday.

Man arrested for domestic violence assault against female roommate
Juneau resident Irl A. Fredrickson, 25, was arraigned in Juneau District Court Thursday afternoon for multiple counts stemming from a domestic assault on a 19-year-old woman.

Wolf Week has special meaning in Southeast
The third week of October is Wolf Awareness Week across the nation. This week, conservation groups across the nation push issues relevant to the preservation of the animals as an important part of the ecosystem. The issue holds a special relevance in Southeast Alaska.

Police and fire
This report contains information provided to the Empire from law enforcement agencies. This report includes arrest and citation information, not conviction information. Anyone listed in this report is presumed innocent.

Wastewater talks continue today
The Science Advisory Panel reconvenes in Centennial Hall today to continue its work on researching methods of achieving effective and economic wastewater discharge standards.

Photo: Ripples
Mark and Susan Finkelstein paddle their double kayak out into Auke Lake under sunny skies on Thursday.

Grants could lead to creation of snowmobile trail
The long-pending snowmobile access trail in Lemon Creek may be getting closer to fruition. The Juneau Blackerby Ridge Organization, or JBRO, is applying for two state grants that, if approved, could allow construction to begin this spring.

Photo: Moving indoors for the winter
Employees of the U.S. Forest Service and the Alaska State Museum discuss restoration of the Yak-te Totem pole at the Auke Village Recreation Area on Thursday. The pole is suffering from rot and insect damage. With the help of AEL&P, the pole will be taken down for the winter for restoration work. The pole is the work of Tlingit carver Frank St. Clair of Hoonah and two local carvers employed by the Civilian Conservation Corps in 1941.

Man arrested in exposure incident
A young Juneau man who allegedly exposed his buttocks to a middle school bus driver and passengers faces several legal problems both related and unrelated to the charges stemming from the alleged mooning incident.

Photo: Leaping for lunch
A black bear leaps into Steep Creek at the Mendenhall Glacier Visitors Center on Wednesday as it looks for salmon to eat.

Police & Fire
This report contains information provided to the Empire from law enforcement agencies. This report includes arrest and citation information, not conviction information. Anyone listed in this report is presumed innocent.

Richard M. Norman
Richard M. Norman, formerly of Juneau, passed away peacefully Oct. 18, 2010 in North Bend, Wash.

Behind the attack ads
The following editorial first appeared in the Los Angeles Times:

Pro: Should Hillary Clinton challenge President Obama for the Democratic presidential nomination in 2012?
WASHINGTON - The latest buzz flitting among the Georgetown salons is that Secretary of State Hillary Clinton will switch jobs with Vice President Joe Biden and take his place on the Democratic ticket in 2012.

Smart grid demystified?
I have no idea how the innards of my computer function, but I sure get frustrated when it doesn't work. The same is true for most people when they flip the switch and the light doesn't come on. We may not know or care how our electricity is produced and delivered to our homes and businesses, but almost everything we do depends on it.

News Corp.'s hit and run
The following editorial first appeared in the Los Angeles Times:

Photos: Ready, aim ... wait a minute!
Hunter Education Instructor Butch Chase leads a group of Floyd Dryden Middle School students Tuesday on a field exercise of spotting animals and when to shoot or when not to shoot.

Sitka couple accepts honor for Tongass conservation group
Two founding members of the Sitka Conservation Society accepted the Bob Marshall Champions of Wilderness Award on Oct. 14 for the organization's efforts to protect portions of the Tongass National Forest.

Skagway area boasts serious array of lichens
Alaska may be staking out yet another claim to a natural treasure, but one which does not immediately catch the eye.

October high tides send some swimming
In early October, the highest tides of the year, which topped out at more than 20 feet, brought sea water up close to the airport dike trail. Much of the extensive meadow of grasses and sedges was flooded. Although there had been 18- and 19-foot tides in previous months, this area is so flat that just another foot or two of water means that much more area is covered.

RECENT RESCUE @ the Juneau Raptor Center: 'Rachel'
Name: "Rachel"

SEARHC hosts Red Ribbon Week swim
JUNEAU - The SouthEast Alaska Regional Health Promotion Juneau Health Promotion and Behavioral Health Prevention programs are hosting a family swim event on Saturday at the Augustus G. Brown Swimming Pool.

First Bloom grant awarded to Skagway Recreation Center
SKAGWAY - The National Parks Foundation has awarded Klondike Gold Rush National Historical Park and its partner, the Skagway Recreation Center (SRC), a grant to host the First Bloom program in Skagway.

Early afternoon nature study for elementary students
JUNEAU - Discovery Southeast naturalists are inviting local elementary school students to join in a for a few hours of nature-inspired fun from 1:30-3:30 p.m. on Monday, Oct. 25.

AWARE, karate club offering womens' self defense course
JUNEAU - Women are invited to attend a self defense workshop from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. on Saturday, Oct. 23 at Zach Gordon Youth Center.

Level 1 ski film 'Eye Trip' showing at UAS
JUNEAU - "Eye Trip," the latest film from Level 1 Productions, will be shown beginning at 8:30 p.m. tonight at the University of Alaska Student Recreation Center.

Planetarium to show 'Life Without the Moon'
JUNEAU - The Marie Drake Planetarium will present "Life Without the Moon" from 6:30 to7:30 p.m. on Tuesday.

Kick up some dust at Barn Dance event
JUNEAU - Move to the music at the October Barn Dance at 7:30-11 p.m. on Saturday, Oct. 23 at St. Ann's Parish Hall.

Wild shots
Submit your wild shots

Today, Oct. 22

Shooting hours: Oct. 22-31
Today, Oct. 22 7:20 a.m.-5:33 p.m.

Alaska Air reports 35 percent rise in 3Q profit
SEATTLE - Alaska Air Group reports a 35 percent profit increase in the third quarter. The company says it was its best quarter ever.

Family swim part of Red Ribbon Week
The SouthEast Alaska Regional Health Consortium Juneau Health Promotion and Behavioral Health Prevention programs are hosting a family swim event on Oct. 23 at the Augustus G. Brown Swimming Pool. It is part of Red Ribbon Week and is open to SEARHC Native patients, family, friends and SEARHC employees.

Head of Miller security detail has ties to militia
ANCHORAGE - The head of a security detail for Alaska U.S. Senate candidate Joe Miller who handcuffed a journalist at a Miller town hall has business ties to Michigan Militia founder Norm Olson.

Westover keeps lead in Sitka mayor race recount
SITKA - It looks like the Sitka mayor's race will be decided by just two votes.

State segregate 17 Homer ballots
ANCHORAGE - State election officials have segregated 17 ballots cast at a Homer location where a list of write-in candidates was posted.

Ground broken for mosque in Anchorage
ANCHORAGE - Muslims have broken ground in Anchorage on the first mosque in Alaska.

GOP lawmaker draws late opposition
FAIRBANKS - An opposition group has been formed late in the campaign season in an effort to unseat Alaska state Rep. Mike Kelly.

Alaska lawmakers plan to ban synthetic marijuana
ANCHORAGE - Some lawmakers are concerned that a substance sold as incense in tobacco shops and convenience stores is a dangerous drug.

Interest in early, absentee voting
JUNEAU- Absentee and early voting could play an important role in the outcome of the Alaska Senate race.

Decision on Miller records expected soon
JUNEAU - A hearing is set for Saturday on whether the public should have greater access to employment information from Senate candidate Joe Miller's time as a government attorney.

Alaska Federation of Natives meeting in Fairbanks
FAIRBANKS - Village survival is the big issue at the Alaska Federation of Natives convention opening Thursday in Fairbanks.

No injuries in Anchorage triplex fire
ANCHORAGE - There were no injuries in a fire that burned a triplex early Thursday in the Midtown area of Anchorage.

Alaska woman passed out, man charged with assault
FAIRBANKS - An Alaska man faces sex charges after a woman passed out in a motel room from drinking too much.

SEARHC, Hoonah Indian Association to celebrate anniversary
The SouthEast Alaska Regional Health Consortium and Hoonah Indian Association are celebrating the first year of SEARHC's management of the Hoonah Health Center and expansion of available health care services.

Boy accidentally kills himself at Brevig Mission
BREVIG MISSION - A 13-year-old boy died after accidentally shooting himself at Brevig Mission.

Some frozen vegetables recalled in Alaska
ANCHORAGE - The Pictsweet Company is recalling some frozen peas and mixed vegetables because they may be contaminated by broken glass.

Falcons bolster roster for Year 2 on the mat
The focus last year for the fledgling Thunder Mountain wrestling team was to start building a foundation for a successful program, but the bar has been set higher for the 2010-11 season.

JDHS wrestling looks to rebuild in 2010-11
It might be a rebuilding year for the proud Juneau-Douglas wrestling program, but with a new coach at the helm for a new season the outlook is bright.

'Dream fight' set for Juneau
Promoter Bob Haag, of Big H Promotions and Roughhouse Friday Boxing, is bringing a match between two of the best lightweights in the state of Alaska to Juneau.

Bulls hope to challenge in East
CHICAGO - Derrick Rose understands the hot pick these days is in South Beach, that there's a recent champion in Boston and Superman is soaring around Orlando.

Judge tells Interior to clarify polar bear status
WASHINGTON - A federal judge is ordering the Obama administration to review whether polar bears, at risk because of global warming, are endangered under federal law.

Ballot measure would authorize borrowing $400 million
The small city of Sitka has two public pools now, but if voters approve a nearly $400 million bond package Nov. 2 they'll be getting a third. That's more than any other city of its size, and with only about 50 public pools in the state, it's about the highest per capita pool availability anywhere.

GCI phasing out unlimited Internet
ANCHORAGE - Some customers of General Communication Inc. say they weren't notified the company is phasing out unlimited Internet usage, even though GCI says it sent out notices about the new policy in April and May.

Healing Mass held for priest abuse victims
FAIRBANKS - Three Alaska Catholic bishops walked the aisles of Sacred Heart Cathedral waving spruce branches dipped in waters from Alaska rivers and sprinkling the gathering of 150 congregants in a blessing rite.

Miller camp files money complaint
JUNEAU - Joe Miller's campaign alleges that a group formed by Alaska Native corporations has violated the law by using money they've gotten as federal contractors to try to influence the Alaska Senate race for Sen. Lisa Murkowski.

New poll shows Miller, Murkowski tied
A new CNN-Time poll shows the state's hot U.S. Senate race a dead heat between Republican nominee Joe Miller and Republican write-in candidate Lisa Murkowski, with Democrat Scott McAdams somewhat further back.

Republicans ask Miller to explain his background
Prominent Republicans are asking Republican Senate nominee Joe Miller to begin to be more transparent about his background, following his decision to not talk to Alaska media about his past.

USPS rejects Nikiski's effort to get one ZIP code
If you live in Nikiski, your address might say Kenai. Or maybe you have two addresses: one in Kenai, one in Nikiski. Confused?

Sea ice melting as Arctic temperatures rise
WASHINGTON - The temperature is rising again in the Arctic, with the sea ice extent dropping to one of the lowest levels on record, climate scientists reported Thursday.

After Alaska primary upset, missteps cost Miller
JUNEAU - Since his stunning defeat of Sen. Lisa Murkowski in the Republican primary, tea party favorite Joe Miller has suffered a series of potentially crippling missteps that have helped turn the Alaska Senate campaign into a highly competitive race.

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