Man arrested for domestic violence assault against female roommate

Posted: Friday, October 22, 2010

Juneau resident Irl A. Fredrickson, 25, was arraigned in Juneau District Court Thursday afternoon for multiple counts stemming from a domestic assault on a 19-year-old woman.

According to court documents Juneau Police Department officers Brent Bartlett, Tracy Murphy, Jim Esbenshade and Steve Warnaca responded to the victim's phone call at approximately 12:28 a.m. Thursday.

When Murphy and Bartlett met the alleged victim, they observed her holding a bloodied towel to her face and a three-foot stick in her hand.

Murphy followed the victim inside the residence, observing a blood trail from the kitchen to the closet and the living room, and a broken clothing rack in the closet.

Capital City Fire and Rescue transported the victim to Bartlett Regional Hospital and Murphy conducted an interview there.

According to court documents, the victim said it had been her birthday and people were over to celebrate. The victim was talking to her boyfriend on the phone and he told her to get some sleep and ask everyone to leave.

The alleged victim complied and about a half-hour later Fredrickson and another man knocked on the door, court records state. The victim said she was going to bed, at which point Fredrickson became angry and followed her into a closet. He punched her in the face, the records state.

The alleged victim then went to the bathroom, heard a noise and saw Fredrickson in the closet with a broken piece of a wooden clothes rod.

According to the documents, Fredrickson was looking at the victim who became frightened and ran toward the living room, where the man who came in with Fredrickson was.

Fredrickson struck the victim with the rod and the other man came to her aid.

Fredrickson fled the apartment when the victim said she was calling police. Fredrickson returned and realized the victim had not called the police and struck the victim again with the rod, according to court records. The other man again intervened and told the woman to call the police. The victim put the phone on speaker and Fredrickson fled when he heard the dispatcher's voice.

According to the court documents, Warnaca arrived at this point and began photographing the scene. He observed a man, who identified himself as Fredrickson. He was detained and during a search Warnaca found a handful of small white pills inside Fredrickson's front jeans' pocket.

The court records state Fredrickson became agitated, verbally abusive and attempted to push Warnaca backwards. Bartlett advised Fredrickson he was being arrested for third-degree assault. Fredrickson again pushed Warnaca, and other officers had to assist taking Fredrickson to the patrol car via the elevator.

According to the documents, Fredrickson struck Bartlett in the chest while in the elevator and resisted arrest while being loaded into the patrol vehicle.

Esbenshade followed Bartlett and Fredrickson to Lemon Creek Correctional Center. Fredrickson was abusive as the officers removed him from the car and inside LCCC Fredrickson began banging his head against the windows and ran at a door. Fredrickson's head went through the window. Officers restrained Fredrickson and transported him to Bartlett Regional Hospital, where he was treated and evaluated. Although his feet and hands were fastened to the hospital bed, Fredrickson still managed to move the bed across the floor.

Thursday Fredrickson was charged with third-degree assault and third-degree criminal mischief, both Class 'C' felonies. He also faces misdemeanor counts of resisting or interfering with arrest and fourth-degree assault.

Judge Darlene Whitethorn set a preliminary hearing for Nov. 1. She also set a $5,000 cash performance bond for Fredrickson, with the additional condition of not contacting the victim.

Fredrickson said he could not afford an attorney. Whitethorn appointed public defender Eric Hedland as his lawyer but Hedland had to withdraw, as he is representing the complaining witness.

The Office of Public Advocacy was to be contacted for Fredrickson.

Calls to the JPD concerning the incident were not returned as of press time.

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